Queen's Realty Contact Form 昆州房地產聯絡表格

Please specify your Name, Phone Number and Email Address to be included in our contact list or to solicit our services. We highly recommend that you fill out the rest of the form so that we can better serve you. Thank you.

請註明您的姓名,電話號碼和電郵地址以便列入我們的聯絡名單或徵求我們的服務。 高度推薦您填寫表格的其餘部分,以便我們能夠更好地為您服務。 謝謝。

We do not share information about you with other agencies, organisations or persons without your permission unless it is:

* necessary to provide you with a service that you have requested
* required or authorised by law

Title and Full Name 稱號和姓名 *


Phone Number 電話號碼 *

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Email Address 電郵地址 *


Contact Requirement 聯絡需求

kworldclock To solicit our services and to help us to serve you, please indicate how soon you would like us to contact you by phone or email.


Website Address 網址


Mailing Address 郵寄地址

korn If this is a mailing address of an organisation, business or company, please specify the title of the organisation, business or company in Address Line 1. 如果這是一個組織,企業或公司的郵寄地址,請在地址欄第一行註明組織,企業或公司的標題。

Birthday or Date of Birth 生日或出生日期


Property Type and Price Range 物業類型和價格範圍

kfm home Please choose one or more property types by selecting the price range (in million Australian dollars) for each of the chosen types.


<0.5 means "less than half a million or less than five hundred thousand Australian dollars".
0.5-1 means "between half a million and one million Australian dollars".
>100 means "more than one hundred million Australian dollars".

<0.5 是指 “少於五十萬澳元”。
0.5-1 是指 “介乎五十萬和一百萬澳元”。
>100 是指 “超過一億澳元”。

<0.5 0.5-1 1-2 2-5 5-10 10-20 20-50 50-100 >100
Acreage 面積
Apartment 公寓 / Unit 單位
Block of Units 單位座
Commercial 商業 / Industrial 工業
Holiday Accommodation 假日住宿
House 房屋
Land 土地 / Development 發展
Penthouse 耳房
Rural 田園、鄉村、農村
Semi-Villa 半別墅 / Villa 別墅
Studio 工作室
Terrace 排屋
Townhouse 聯排別墅、多棟聯建住宅

Location(s) and Comments 地點和說明

kviewedu languagesPlease specify the preferred location(s) or suburb(s) for the chosen property type(s), plus any additional comments, reviews, suggestions or information. 請註明您所選擇的物業類型的首選地點或郊區,加上任何額外說明、評論、意見或資料。

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